Senator Wendy Davis, the state senator from Texas's tenth district (Fort Worth), filibusterer, advocate of women's rights and education, badass, and candidate for governor of Texas.  on Team Wendy

Wendy Davis on gay marriage. (x

Wendy Davis visiting San Antonio’s Rackspace in October. 

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wendy davis + social media 

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I’m running for governor because I know our best days are yet to come. Join me, and together, let’s make Texas as great as we know it can be.” (x)

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"A Texas Story" – Wendy Davis for Governor

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Today, I'm proud to announce my candidacy to be the forty eighth governor of this great state of Texas.

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» Senate livestream

In case anyone is interested, they are currently debating the famous antiabortion bill that Wendy filibustered two weeks ago in the Senate right now. This is the live stream. 

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She is considered whip-smart, gutsy, not intimidated, has a good sense of humor, and is willing to deal head-on with tough problems. [x]

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